About Me

Jimmy Clark, Jr., a retired veteran and civil servant that hails from Louisiana, emerges as the latest naturally gifted artist in Florida. He is a self -taught and emerging artist. His source of inspiration comes from his global travel and life experiences. His primary medium used in his paintings is acrylic.   

Artist Statement

Art has always been a part of my life since childhood revealing my early fascination in drawing and painting. I never really pursued my interest in art but instead followed the conventional path of a more stable job and career. In spite of this, my passion for the arts never subsided but only intensified through time as I sought to rekindle that part of my life. I finally decided to succumb to my passion and now is making waves as an abstract and landscape painter. I was guided by the philosophy of Albert Einstein that say “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”.  

My abstract and mixed media paintings arguably show the diverse emotions that I have encountered through life experiences. From a sense of chaos, confusion, order and stability and a combination of both, my abstract paintings perfectly depict the notion that people’s emotions are unpredictable and cannot simply be boxed or confined in predefined states.  

My purpose is to create images on canvas using colorful brush strokes to astound my viewers with the brilliance of color and magnificent texture to be inspired. My art goes beyond meeting visual appreciation but go deeper into touching the intangible experiences of my viewers and supporters, whether in the mental, psychological, spiritual or emotional realm.